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Legal Mediation

I am also qualified as a Solicitor Mediator.

What is mediation?

  • Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution. It has nothing to do with counselling.
  • Legal mediation offers you an opportunity to come to an agreement before going to court. It can avoid the expense and unhappiness that extended time in court can bring.
  • Court proceedings in financial dispute and children cases can take up to a year or more to reach a Final Hearing.
Legal Mediation
  • You and your partner can decide the terms of an agreement.
  • It is not a substitute for going to court because if you fail to reach an agreement you can still issue court proceedings.
  • Mediation can save everyone money if agreement is reached as it avoids lengthy Court proceedings.
  • You decide the outcome of your dispute rather than the court.
  • Children's priorities are kept at the forefront of the negotiations.

The mediator's role

  • The mediator will meet with the couple and is impartial.
  • The mediator encourages negotiation in a safe setting.
  • Mediators who are qualified as lawyers are in a position to give legal information.
  • Mediators do not give advice to the couple or act for them and are impartial.

How does it work?

  • If financial assets are involved, there will be a disclosure of all assets and information.
  • Options for settlement are put forward and checked to see if they would work in practice.
  • At the end of the process a mediator will ask you to take your proposals to your solicitor to complete the legal formalities.
  • The mediation process should involve three to five sessions each lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice. The mediator will recommend that you seek your own independent legal advice throughout the process.

Mediation is one option and it’s cost effective. However, there are other options including making an application to the court.

If you prefer to be represented by me as a client, I offer a traditional family law service at an affordable rate. I am able to do this because as a sole practitioner I do not have the overheads of larger law firms.

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